Scenes From Harare

But what happens when reality is stranger than fiction? How does a [storyteller] capture and hold the interest of the [audience] when the reality confronting the [audience] is stranger and more captivating than fiction. …How does a writer, a novelist, shock his readers by telling them that these are neo-slaves when they themselves, the neo-slaves,are openly announcing the fact on the rooftops? How do you shock your [audience] by pointing out that these are mass murderers, looters, robbers, thieves, when they, the perpetrators of these anti-people crimes, are not even attempting to hide the fact? When in some cases they are actually and proudly celebrating their massacre of children, and the theft and robbery of the nation? How do you satirize their utterances and claims when their own words beat all fictional exaggerations?

Ngugi waThiongo in Decolonising the Mind, 78-80

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