To be a diverse and expansive platform for African knowledge on the web.


A leading collaborative knowledge sharing hub that curates human stories and ideas in Africa.


Publik Access Network is a multi-media and information platform that gathers and curates African content on and offline.


Africa is a growing continent. Its story is both pitted in historical narratives, the current growth spats and a very interesting future. The continent is underrepresented and occasionally misrepresented on and offline. Information transfer and usage is still heavily dependent on word of mouth. The stories exists in in various forms and in different places. Our intention is to create and collate various stories from across the continent and present them on one platform. We embrace the continuous innovation of the media. Africa refers to the continent, people on the continent in the diaspora. 


Our core passion is to visualize information. We are moved by countless stories from the remote villages and townships of Africa that have gone untold. We want to capture the moments and share the dreams that make the pulse of this vibrant continent



PAN is a multidisciplinary media and information platform that seeks to gather and distribute African stories, insights and ideas. Pan has an African bias in the sourcing of information and a global orientation in distribution. The platform use a combination of video, pictures, voice, and text to package and distribute information in the form of news, documentaries, magazine shows, interviews, features and surveys distributed primarily on the web. It works as a broadcaster, producer, curator and agent of content from Africa. The content focuses on, trends and people behind them. 

The name: PAN is an acronym for Public Access Network. It is also adopted as a word at 3 levels. Pan in film production which means to turn the camera horizontally to give a panoramic view or follow a subject. It is also used to refer to a cooking pot and old technique used to washout gold from gravel. In our case we pan to expose a new view/angle and follow stories as much as we can. We use pan to cook the best ideas from the continent. Above all we pan golden ideas from piles of gravel.


Our logo represents the network, PAN. The dark blue background represents the PAN platform . The lines make up an outline of the African continent. Brush strokes vary in style, mediums and materials to illustrate the diversity and plurality of voices and thoughts.

The logo was designed by Yun Zhao